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It is a bathtub with hydromassage, with relaxing salts and aromatherapy. This therapy is very useful to reduce stress and muscle fatigue.

Detox Wrap

This is a type of hydrotherapy applied by using a full body wrap. Its purpose is to open the pores and stimulate sweating to eliminate toxins, stimulate and reduce inflammation of internal organs, relax the mind and generate a sense of wellbeing.

Colon Hydrotherapy

It is very useful to remove and eliminate accumulated wastes in the colon. Decreases abdominal inflammation and improves intestinal transit. Naturally relieving all the symptoms that this entails (constipation, headaches, abdominal distension, colitis, etc.).

Mud Bath

Mud has many properties, some of them being: it is analgesic, it is detoxifying and de-inflammatory. It exfoliates the skin, mineralizes it and leaves it soft and smooth.


This is a foot bath with salts and scents that help improve blood circulation, decongesting the brain and reducing mental tension. It also provides rest for your feet.

Sauna Bath

It activates blood circulation, reduces mental and muscular tension, eliminates toxins through the skin, and is ideal for total relaxation.

Hot Towels (foments)

They are very good for relieving muscle tension in areas where stress is accumulated.

Relaxing Massage

A combination of Swedish and American massage techniques that can help relax and soothe sore muscles caused by the accumulation of stress, providing rest and relief.

Lymphatic Drainage

Its purpose is to stimulate the lymphatic system so that it works better and reduces fluid retention.

What makes us different?

At Emmanuel Beach, Wellness & Spa we offer personalized attention to our clients to make the most of their stay. Trained staff and a beach location where you will enjoy peace and serenity, will make your visit to this place an unforgettable experience.