The importance of detoxification

In our daily life we often stay up late, we eat poorly, we are exposed to many toxic substances such as smoggy air, industrial waste in big cities, cleaning products at home, and we are consuming a lot of pharmaceuticals, and food additives and preservatives. Our body is wonderfully designed and is capable of getting rid of these toxins if we do not disturb it, but how can we do it? With proper rest, a meal with plenty of vegetables, fruits, good quality water, consuming whole grains, exercising regularly and breathing fresh air. If you also add a detoxification program every 6 months, you help your body to eliminate the accumulated toxins.

 How can you do this? You can plan on doing it and write it down in your agenda, you can choose a weekend and start on Friday eating only fruit and salads, then on Saturday you will only drink juices and infusions with depurative properties and then try to reduce the activities on that day, to be in contact with nature and relax. On Sunday you can go back to eating fruits and salads, homemade vegetable soup, eating at regular times, trying to let your stomach rest because this will help eliminate toxins accumulated in the digestive tract.

I also recommend dry brushing your skin with a natural bristle brush and sunbathing for 5 to 10 minutes. Drink plenty of water and, if you want to, have an enema administered at home, to eliminate accumulated waste in the colon. 

I hope you start using some of the tips I shared with you and I know you will feel much better, helping your body to eliminate toxins.

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