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Who are we?

We are a company that resurfaces under the name of Emmanuel Beach, Wellness & Spa, due to the great need to offer people a space to find themselves, find rest, relax and improve their lives. We are doing this with over 20 years of experience in the market, considering the current necessities of many people: reduce stress, strengthen the immune system and maintain the body through the services we offer.

Based on biblical principles and values, we offer a place with the hygienic and sanitary measures recommended by the health authorities. Comfortable, peaceful, in contact with nature; beautiful gardens and beach.

Our History

In December 1998, we were born as Santuario Naturista del Pacifico, with the purpose of providing a place where people could maintain and recover their health through alternative natural methods; such as water, rest, exercise, sunlight, air, nutrition and healthy meals, temperance and hope. Its founders, doctor Juan Manuel Silvestre Alvarez and the bio-pharmaceutical chemist Teresita de J. Beltrán Castro started this project with the purpose of sharing with their clients a healthy lifestyle that would help them improve their quality of life.

In 2018 we renamed it to Emmanuel Beach, Wellness & Spa, with the goal of encouraging people to take preventive care of themselves in order to improve their quality of life through the different packages and programs that we offer. We are pioneers in the northwest of the country with this concept, and we have the satisfaction of having influenced the lives of many people, our clients and friends, motivating them to make changes in their habits and at the same time improve their overall health.







What makes us different?

At Emmanuel Beach, Wellness & Spa we offer personalized attention to our clients to make the most of their stay. Trained staff and a beach location where you will enjoy peace and serenity, will make your visit to this place an unforgettable experience.


We are located in a place filled with tranquility, the beautiful beach of Celestino Gazca, in Elota, Sinaloa, an hour from Mazatlan and an hour and a half from Culiacan, places where you can fly to with many options. Or if you prefer to make the trip by road, and you are coming from Monterrey or Saltillo, you can use the highway.

Places of Interest

Las Labradas

Las Labradas, city of San Ignacio. A half hour drive away from here you will find extraordinary stones carved by ancestors that are in the museum at the seashore


The beautiful Port of Mazatlán is 55 minutes away and has many places of interest to visit: the Observatory, the Lighthouse, the Historical Center (Plaza Machado) and many more.

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Tour around the facilities, a description of our services and more.

This is what our mornings are like in this place: you can breathe peace and serenity.

ND Radio interview with our General Manager, bio-pharmaceutical chemist Teresita Beltrán.

The ideal place for you to rest and relax is at Emmanuel Beach Wellness & Spa.

Strengthen your body with healthy meals, physical activity and proper rest.

You should also come and live the experience at Emmanuel Spa, you won’t regret it! 🏞✨